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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 15, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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>> stay with us for "good morning america". have a great day. making news in america making news in america this morning, deadly tornado children among at least eight people now confirmed dead, and the severe storm sweeping east. president trump facing backlash over his proposed plan to bus detained migrants sanctuary cities like san francisco. and why it's said congress can't read the president's tax returns. tiger's epic comeback. >> never give up. that's a gimme. always fight. >> tiger reveals what fueled his big win at the masters. what it was like having his children there, and the outpouring of support he's getting. breaking overnight, crash landing. what caused this plane to
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nosedive in front of pow powerlines. the mishap. the technical issues during the season premiere, and why some fans got a big spoiler. and may the force be with you. the inside scoop on the newest "star wars" installment. we hear from the episode nine film makers. good monday morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news. parts of the east coast including philadelphia and new york arender. >> the national weather service is warning of possible twisters. as a storm system sweeps across the northeast. thousands of power outages have been reported overnight in the washington, d.c. area. >> all of this comes after a weekend of deadly weather. new video from outside cleveland, ohio shows the destruction from just one of dozens of tornadoes. >> reporter: this morning, a path of destruction trailing from the midwest to the south. >> oh my god. >> reporter: more than two dozen reported tornadoes touching down
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from ohio to texas. >> this strip mall has just been wiped out completely. >> reporter: the storm leveled homes, snapped trees and downed that sign, and l gnand stuff wado and jt demolish. >> reporter: in mississippi, house after house was reduced to nothing but rubble. 130-mile-per-hour winds moving in so fast people narrowly escaped the storm's wrath. >> it started howling and the roof came off. so we're very fortunate. >> we had 12 people, 2 kids and about 5 dogs all just huddled in the closet. >> the tree landed in the living room. pushed furniture up offenagains and pinned her against the wall. >> reporter: just outside of dallas, hundreds of people had to be rescued after multiple twisters tore through the area. >> they didn't realize anything was happening until the brim was coming off the building and the ceiling started coming in. >> my house just lifted.
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just got it in the backyard. >> reporter: at least eight people have been confirmed dead including two young brisebooys. >> the tree had fallen on their vehicle. >> reporter: after intense winds toppled a tree. parts of the east coast are under tornado watch until 7:00 a.m. power outages are reported in the washington, d.c. area. a closer look at your forecast coming up in less than five minutes. we turn now to the white house defending a controversial idea to bus migrants detained at the border hundreds of miles away to so-called sanctuary cities like san francisco. the plan was already rejected twice, but president trump wants to revisit the idea. democrats claim it's illegal, and they accuse the president of using humans as pawns. abc's serena marshall has more on what's next. good morning, serena. >> reporter: kenneth, janai, good morning. meinthas or thedent sas said rejected now receiving new life. >> certainly this wouldn't be our first choice because ideally, we wouldn't be dealing
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with the massive influx of illegal immigrants coming across the border. >> reporter: the president's top aides saying their plan to move undocumented immigrants from the southern border to the streets of sanctuary cities, particularly those of political rivals, is being reexamined as an option after it was rejected as illegal twice by lawyers for the department of homeland security. sunday, sanders telling george stephanopoulos -- >> logistically, there were a lot of challenges and it didn't make sense to move forward. the idea did not go further. >> not just logistically. legally. >> the president likes it. >> reporter: the idea floated first in november and then again in february. friday the president himself pushing it. >> they want more people in their sanctuary cities. well, we'll give them more people. >> reporter: then doubling down tweeting saturday, the u.s. has the absolute legal right to do so. the chair of the house homeland security committee doesn't agree. >> do you see any way to do that legally? >> no, i don't. before donald trump took office, we had a situation that was manageable. >> reporter: as leaders for
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those communities from chicago to california react. >>hey're seattle and this region will stand up against a president who divides america. >> reporter: and what still can't clear is how this will work toward the president's ultimate goal of deporting those who come across the border illegally. as studies show, sanctuary cities work the way they are intended to, making it harder for individuals to be deported. >> serena marshall, reporting from washington. thank you. ilhan omar is saying she's facing an increasing number of death threats since donald trump posted a video about her. she says many of the threats reference the video. house speaker nancy pelosi is calling on the president to take down the tweet and she's asking capitol hill police to duct -- conduct an assessment to ensure omar's safety. the video implies she trivialized the 9/11 attacks during a recent speech, and it omits the context which talks about how muslims are treated after the attacks. the president is pushing back against the new deadline
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for the release of the president's tax returns. democrats are now giving the irs until april 23rd to turn them over, but the white house took a swipe sunday at the members of congress who would read the returns. >> i don't think congress particularly not this group of congressmen and women are smart enough to look through the thousands of pages that i would assume that president trump's taxes will be. >> democrats responded by listing their qualifications. one congresswoman said, quote, i think we can handle it. the family of a college student murdered after getting into a car she thought was her uber is pushing to make ridesharing safer. the parents of samantha josephson will be on "good morning america" this morning to discuss what they believe should be done. lawmakers in south carolina are considering a bill to require uber is lyft drivers to install lights on their cars. others are demanding those companies use a bar code for each transaction. meanwhile, we're learning more about the man accused of stabbing josephson last month. just five months earlier he was charged with selling stolen
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items connected to another woman's kidnapping. our exclusive interview with the parents of samantha josephson is coming up at 7:30 on "gma." time now for a look at your monday morning weather forecast. >> good morning. well, recovery weather very much needed for the entire southeast. the storm now moving off of the east coast and will continue to pull out of the way for the deep south as we enjoy more than we have sunshine and the breath. not the same for the northeast though. we have another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms throughout the southern new england states and on the backside of this, snowshowers and a mixture in upstate new york, and the winds will kick in at 40 to 50 miles per hour before monday. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. coming up, the change one airline is making to keep passengers from getting so angry at each other. also ahead, why those free shampoo bottles in your hotel room could become a thing of the past. but first, a rare bird
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described as the most dangerous in the world goes on the attack in florida. and later, some technical issues during the "game of thrones" season premiere. remember the way we used to do things? hey man... like connect with friends? dig it! or get in shape?
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we're back w york. that plane you see right there landed in power lines in front of a houy n out of gas and tried to land several times at airports nearby, but kept missing the runway. the plane even clipped the roof of a church. amazingly, all three people on board survived that crash with only minor injuries. an investigation into a possible hazing incident is under way at the state university of new york in buffalo. that's after an 18-year-old student was seriously injured at the sigma pi house. he's said to be in critical condition. the buffalo news reports
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the victim had no alcohol or drugs in his system and went into cardiac arrest during possible forced exercise. the student was recently treated for respiratory ailment. the school has now suspended all greek life activities. here in new york city, a fordham university student has died after falling from a bell tower on campus which is usually close to the public. officials say the 22-year-old climbed the tower early sunday with a group to get a view of the city's skyline. she fell at least 30 feet. an exotic bird described as the most dangerous bird in the world attacked and killed a man in gainesville, florida. authorities say the 75-year-old tripped and fell on his farm, and the bird known as the cassowary, attacked him. the bird is native to australia and new guinea. the victim was breeding them. they have knife-like claws and can stand 6 feet tall. delta is making a new change.
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they are reducing how much it can recline your seat. it's hoping the two-inch reduction will give people sitting behind the reclining passenger more space for their knees or computer, and it's making the a-320 jets. lawmakers in california may soon ban a popular travel perk. the little bottles of hotel shampoo. supporters of the bill say those tiny bottles create a huge amount of waste. some hotels are shifting to bulk dispensers. marriott says that will save an average of 250 pounds of plastic per hotel per year. big savings there. >> what will i take from the hotel? >> you don't need the shampoo. coming up, the dog rescue you have to see. also ahead, the unexpected rising star on the campaign trail. what mayor pete said while officially jumping into the race for president. but first, tiger woods, his epic comeback and what it means. plus, the story behind his gum-chewing on the course. that's next. the story behind his gum-chewing on the course. that's next. colohe w
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>> you heard it. the return to glory. back now with a master piece of a comeba bs. is morng, gehe masters champion again after winning his first major title in 11 years. >> few people including tiger himself thought it would happend personal setbacks. >> reporter: with the signature sunday red, the return to glory, and fist pump, tiger woods is back on top. >> oh my goodness. >> reporter: the legendary golfer's fifth win at the masters is already being called one of the greatest, and perhaps unlikely his comeback in sports history was tweeting overnight, to not only be able to play again, but to be able to win again is something i will forever be grateful the first to greet woods, his 10-year-old son charlie. wasn't even born the last time tiger won a major.
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their embrace waofe ee l father, earl, 22 years ago after his first masters win. tiger's mom and daughter sam were also right there waiting for him. >> to be able to see what it's like for their dad to win a major championship, i hope it's something they will never forget. >> i had affairs. i cheated. >> reporter: woods famously battled scandal in his personal life. more recently, crippling back injuries led to four surgeries and a dui arrest that was blamed on prescription medication. at one point, he was not ranked among the top 1,000 golfers in the world. >> i had serious doubts after what transpired a couple of years ago. i could barely walk. i couldn't sit. i couldn't lay down. i couldn't really do much of anything. >> reporter: he now has 14 major championship wins. three behind the record held by jack nicklaus. he tweeted, a big well done from me to tiger woods. i'm so happy for him and for the game of golf. this is just fantastic. one of the few sponsors to stick
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with woods over the years released an emotional video sunday after the unexpected win. tiger is receiving praise on twitter from both president trump and former presidenturt i chris paul paid tribute with his own tiger shoes. fans also noticed something new about tiger's golf game, a lot of gum-chewing. he says it helps suppress his appetite and he will be able to milone'tang home r his big win. pete ieg haed off his presidential campaign after saying for months it's time for a new generation of leadership. the 37-year-old mayor of south bend, indiana is a road scholar and afghan war veteran. if he beats the odds, he would be the youngest and first openly gay president. buttigieg who sparred with vice president pence over gay rights is taking direct aim at president trump. >> the idea that security and patriotism belong to one political party needs to end today. [ cheers and applause ]
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we are here to say that there is a lot more to safety and security than putting up a wall from sea to shining sea. because no issue we care about from gun safety to immigration, from climate to education, to paid family leave, none of it will be handled well unless our democracy is in better e polls and has already raised millions of dollars. more than $1 million poured in after his gressman eric swalwell has made it official launching his camp old high school. the number of candidates inches towards 20. he's making gun control his top priority. he complained that congress has done nothing in the wake of several mass shootings. he wants to ban and buy back every assault weapon in the country. now to a daring and heartwarming rescue in quebec, canada. a border collie jumped in to save this chihuahua. the driver is backing up her suv as the pooch makes his way
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across the snowy path. the brave collie darts in, and as you see there, he quickly snatches his friend before disaster hits. the dog's owner feared she had crushed her pet, but everyone and everything and every pet is fine this morning. >> and that is fantastic video. that dog knew exactly what to do. >> nice save there. >> yes, absolutely. up next in "the pulse," the first reviews of the new "game of thrones" episode, and we promised no spoilers. >> none. and one-on-one with the "star wars" episode nine. the one word being used to describe the movie. plus, a man sues his parents over what they did to his adult film collection. ♪ corey is living with metastatic breast cancer, which is breast cancer that has spread to other parts of her body. she's also taking prescription ibrance with an aromatase inhibitor, which is for postmenopausal women with
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"the pulse" begins with that familiar music because "game of thrones" -- the "game of thrones" has returned, and we promise no spoilers. so the final season of the hbo megahit began last night. >> high demand on the hbo streaming service and hulu reportedly caused problems for some fans. hbo denies there were any sort of issues. others got a big head start of watching things through directv which accidentally leaked the episode four hours early. >> my goodness. the top 19 trending topics on twitter last night were related to the show. the reunion counting on the show was high, but the body count surprisingly low. one fan says he turned down two dates because of "game of thrones." he says, as you can imagine, that it's all bran's fault. a character on the show. >> do we really believe he actually had a date? another fan asked, how do they
4:23 am
expect me to wait seven days for episode two? netfome to the '90s. >> we're used to getting the whole season at once. this is tough for folks. >> yes, it is. next, you can feel the force this morning. >> the trailer for the new "star wars" film has racked up more than 20 million views on youtube. this will wrap up the trilogy, and of course, it comes from disney, our parent company. >> our paula faris talked to two key players behind the scenes. >> you're one of the few people who has read the entire script. can you give me a word to sum it up? >> hope. there is a lot of conflict in this movie, but i think where it goes and what the resolution is is very hopeful. >> the actors clearly came and brought, like, their aaa plus game. the crew was -- did things and worked in a way i have never seen. >> how excited did that make you? >> hope. >> yep, hope. abra ss is too good of an opportunity to refuse, and
4:24 am
producer kathleen kennedy promises the film will live up to the hype. >> i believe it. >> yep. from "star wars" to a family war over an adult film collection. >> an indiana man is suing his parp parents for tossing his adult films and magazines. the 40-year-old moved in with his parents after a divorce, but he left two months later, once his belongings arrived at his new home. the nearly $30,000 porn collection was missing. >> nearly $30,000. his father says he did him a big favor by getting rid of the material. >> did you see how long it took for us to get to the video there? because we don't want to show you some of these things. >> the man is suing for damages and i bet he's upset. >> uh-huh. and finally a close shave that one woman in texas was not expecting. >> a mom named stephanie posted a video showing what happened when her kids got ahold of an electric razor. take a look. >> i'm crying because -- look. teddy found the buzz cutter. >> oh, teddy.
4:25 am
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claritin-d relieves more. making news right now at 4:27, neighbors demand changes after an oakland mom and her 7-year-old son are killed crossing a dangerous street. we are hearing from their anguished husband and father. plus, fees and reservations. there's a new push to straighten out tourist traffic on one of san francisco's crookedest now a masters champion again. tiger woods sporting his fifth it's all ladies after >> i love it. it's the ladies show. welcome. >> welcome. >> it's confusing because i usually go to sleep at the same time i got up. hopefully my mouth connects. >> just don't think about it. we have a rainy afternoon on
4:28 am
the way. we are looking at our storm impact scale. the middle of april is a 1 and we're looking for the rain to move in from a quarter to half an inch. kind of a vigorous system. live doppler 7 showing the rain already up along the north coast, clover dale and pushing into santa rosa in the next, i'd say, four or five hours. it's plenty -- it's several hours away. we're talking the second half of the day, the evening commute, the afternoon commute. right now it's in the 40s and about 50 in san mateo. we'll time out the rain. good morning, sue. good morning. we're looking at a pretty light commute so far if you have to be up at 4:28, at least it's moving nicely along the san mateo bridge, a 14-minute drive over to 101. checking out the golden gate bridge, hardly a soul there coming across the
4:29 am
no fog to slow you up. a little slowing out of the central valley. we'll check on that and more in a few minutes. thank you, sue. a aking overnight investigators commercial building on belmar boulevard near digital drive in novato. two people inside the building were there when the fire broke out about 12:15 this morning. they got out safe houses around different businesses, all suffered smoke, fire, or water damage. crews will be at the scene all day doing overhaul and salvage operations. and developing in the east bay, the three victims involved in an oakland hit-and-run on saturday have been identified now as a mother, her 7-year-old son, and a family member who remains in critical condition. >> jobina fortson joins us live with more on this. jobina? >> reporter: good morning. alma vazquez and her 7-year-old
4:30 am
son. the father says his wife and brother were crossing 26th street at foothill boulevard when they were hit. the father explained he was on the scene running to all of his family members in a panic. oakland police say the suspect who drove off from the scene isg a white t-shirt and gray hoodie at the time. a nearby surveillance caught him leaving in a the principal of ics says the school community will be marching to the corner of 26th and foothill at 3:00 p.m. on thursday to demand a traffic light. during the heartbreaking moments immediately following the hit-and-run garcia remembered saying this to his wife.


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